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If your pond stays too warm to support trout in the summer, now would be a good time to stock trout. We sell 10" - 12" trout. Put them in this fall and catch them all out by next June.

If you don't have trout, the warm water fish like Blue Gill and Catfish will be slowing down on the feeding of pellets, if you feed pellets. Store the feed you have left over in a cold, dry place for next spring.

It is a good idea to stock some feeder minnows in the fall. It gives the adult fish something easy to catch and eat over the winter.

If your pond doesn't have a good wayer source or aereation, you may want to consider some kind of aereation. We sell a windmill that pumps air into the water, and also a fountain that will aereate the water. Either will prevent winter kill.

Need some good reading this winter? Check out the Farm Pond Management book.



Fenders Fish Hatchery



We have been serving pond and lake owners for over half a century with the highest standards of game fish and other products for the benefit of your ponds and lakes.

With the blessing of Mother Nature and the good Lord, we begin in the spring around the first of March, depending on when the ice leaves our ponds. We continue for the next 9 to 10 months, until the ponds freeze back over again in the late fall, around December.

All this time we will continually be bringing in fresh fish to sell at our location in the northeastern corner of Coshocton County. We will also be delivering to soil and water conservation districts. We will be at 19 locations beginning March 25th through October 25th. Check out our list of locations on our calendar page.

We will also be having sales at locations in the fall. A list of dates and locations will be added to our calendar page soon.

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Harvesting fish




bull frogs
Bullfrog Tadpoles

largemouth bass Largemouth Bass

harvesting fish
Harvesting fish

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