PureBacteria Muck Reducer


PureBacteria is a muck reducer for all of the debris, decaying matter and other things that gather in the bottom of your pond. Start applying once a month in early spring when your water hits around 50 degrees. Great to use in addition to PureBlue pond dye.

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PureBacteria is a muck reducer which digest the organic decay in your pond, reducing your chances of weed and algea growth by balancing the nutrient load. Your pond can develop muck with fish waste, decaying vegetation and debris, and this will help reduce all of those problems. Apply early in the season when water temps start to warm up around 50 degrees, and then continue to treat monthly for maximum effect. PureBacteria is a natural chemistry safe to use around people, pets, plants, fish and wildlife, so you can use it in a pond you eat fish out of or swim in. One gallon treats one acre of water. For best results, pour along the shoreline and the water movement will disperse the product. Use PureBacteria alongside PureBlue pond dye, another natural chemistry product we sell.

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