Pond Management – The Common Sense Guide, 2018 Third Edition, by Steve Fender


In this book, Steve covers the most helpful aspects of farm pond and lake management, including:

  • Stocking recommendations
  • Fish under cover and feeding your fish
  • A fish biography
  • Spawning habits of frogs and fish
  • Aeration and oxygen
  • Your pond and wildlife, predatory birds and animals, muskrats and beavers
  • Weed identification and control
  • Pond construction, fertility control, pond Q&A
  • Recipes, fishing notes, stocking notes
  • …And much more

This book is a gold mine for any new or veteran pond stocker and will help you keep your fish happy and healthy all season long.

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A little bit about the man behind the book

My name is Steve Fender. In 1956, Dennis and Janet Fender started Fender’s Fish Hatchery. Nine years later I came along to round out the four children my parents raised. Today my sister Cheryl and I are involved in the family farm, along with my wife, Veronica.

Like most farm kids, I grew up alongside the business and from very early in life, I knew that I belonged on the farm. Like Dad, I have had on-the-job training only, and have never gone to college.

By my early teens, I was already helping out with fish customers, helping get fish out of our ponds to sell, and answering questions about stocking ponds. I hope spending most of my life in aquaculture, listening to Dad and other experts in the fish farming industry, makes me enough of an authority to sit down and write a book on pond management.

My goal is to relay as much information as possible through this book so that anyone owning a small pond or big lake can use it as a guide to stock and properly manage ponds and lakes.

I’ve tried to cover as many topics of farm pond management as possible. With different geographical areas come different types of problems. Pond owners will still experience problems of water hardness, pH levels, and climate. They will even vary from northern to southern Ohio. This will affect breeding and growth rate.

So with the variations, it is difficult to cover it all.

I don’t just stop at one and done – with growing knowledge and changing information, this is now the third edition of my book, full of more information than before and new photos from our farm. Enjoy some of the history behind our family in this book as well.

I guess if I’ve missed anything, you can call the Fish Hatchery anytime. We’ll try to help you out.

Steve D. Fender

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